Throughout the Bible giving to God and to others is an underlying foundation of Jewish and Christian life in community.

Giving is not:
  • something you should feel obligated or pressured to do
  • a way of guaranteeing that God will bless you
  • a mundane financial transaction
Giving is:
  • a spiritual discipline that you have chosen to perform
  • an expression of your love for God
  • an acknowledgement of God as the source of all you have
  • a way of contributing to Leith Valley’s vision and goals

Tax Rebate

LVPC is a registered Charity, which means that you can receive a tax rebate from IRD. Contact the church office for a donation number so that we can give you a receipt at the end of each financial year. 

How to give financially:

1. Set up an online payment from your bank account, this can be a one-off or an Automatic Payment that repeats as often as you choose.      

2. Use our secure payments app on this page with your credit card, debit card or PayPal account. The app is fast, secure and easy to use. 

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